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Exterra termite baiting system is Philippines best termite control system

Danny Kelly has been using the Exterra Termite baiting system throughout Australia for 11 years and also recently in the Philippines.

“After extensive tests in the Philippines I believe the Exterra termite baiting system is the best choice for homes and buildings”

The Exterra termite baiting system has proven itself to be the most effective termite baiting system in the Philippines and around the world. Pest-Ex are installers of chemical termite treatments also but the big problem in the Philippines with using chemicals is homes construction types during the concrete slab procedure. In Australia and the U.S we have 1 slab pour. No cracks no joins so termites cant get through gaps. The Philippines is a different story, Many slab joins and usually settlement cracks account for most failed termite chemical treatments in the Philippines.

The Exterra baiting system eliminates the entire termite colony

The Exterra termite baiting system has its unique termite bait Requiem, termites feed on this as a natural food source spreading the bait back throughout the colony over 2-3 months eliminating the entire nest and its queen! The bait affects the termite molting process. As termites regularly shed their exoskeleton the average termite colony in the Philippines takes 3 months to completely eliminate. Termites are eliminated inside your home or building using above ground termite baiting stations, External in ground stations are designed to eliminate termite colony’s around your home providing 24/7 in ground termite protection.

How does the Exterra termite baiting system work?

You have termites and you want them gone? Exterra is the solution!

The Exterra termite baiting system is designed to be used in the following procedure:

Step 1 – Termite inspection of the home is completed by a qualified skilled termite technician

Step 2 – Installation of above ground termite baits are installed on active areas where termites are found, This starts to eliminate the termites from the active areas as the termites spread the termite bait back throughout the termite colony.

Step 3 – For full termite control in ground stations are installed around the perimeter of the home, Termite baits are monitored monthly providing control of termites now and the year ahead.

Perimeter in ground termite bait stations are installed usually every 3-4 meters around the home or building. Termites travel underground for up to 50 meters from the home. In ground stations are designed for termites to begin feeding in the soil areas where baits are installed.

The in ground Exterra baits will eliminate the current colony and protect the home from future colonies. As a new colony of termites approaches the home the termites will naturally feed in the in-ground stations. Monthly monitoring allows termite technicians to feed the termites the bait eliminating the termite colony before it reaches the home.

Exterra Termite Baiting System Vs Sentricon Termite Bait System Philippines

Exterra’s main competitor the Sentricon baiting system is also a common choice for homes and buildings in the Philippines. However, not all termite baits are the same!

Let’s review why the Exterra termite baiting system is the number #1 choice for termite control in the Philippines.

Exterra in ground termite baiting stations have an internal bait storage area double the size of its competitor.

Exterra in ground stations are designed to be serviced without removing internal wooden components. This allows bait to be added to the live stations without disturbing the termites.

The Sentricon system requires removal of internal wooden components to inspect the station. This procedure can disturb the termites and cause termites to abandon the termite station and not feed on the bait at all.

Exterra above ground termite bait stations are 40% larger than its competitor Sentricon, more bait allows more feeding for termites resulting in faster colony elimination.

Exterra is the only termite baiting system that uses “Focus termite attractant”

Focus termite attractant is installed in Exterra termite bait systems as it attracts natural foraging termites in the soil into the baits. Termite baits are 3-4 meters apart, so the attractant helps termites enter the stations. Don’t worry this attractant won’t attract termites from your neighbor’s place!

Is the Exterra baiting system termite more effective than termite dusting or spraying treatments? YES!

We see termite treatments fail by use of termite sprays and dusting treatments done by another pest control companies. The reason is that termite sprays and dusts kill termites to quickly. Is this a bad thing? Yes! Spray or dusting treatments kill termites to quickly and don’t allow the product to spread back to the nest. If the treatment does not affect the queen there is no point investing in termite control.

Termite dust and spray will only affect the termites that encounter the spray or dust. Termites can detect where the dust is and avoid the treated areas. Termite queens lay up to 3,000 eggs per day so spraying or dusting 200-300 termites will not be a long-term solution. The entire nest and queen needs to be eliminated or re-infestation will occur.

Is the Exterra termite baiting system safe? Yes!

The Exterra termite baiting system is safe, No mess, No smell and non toxic to you your family and pest. Unlike smelly chemicals the Exterra termite baiting system remains the number 1 choice for homes and buildings in the Philippines.

Worried about Termites? You should be, They are Philippines silent home destroyers!

Pest-Ex has been providing professional termite control treatments in Australia and the Philippines and provide Free termite assessments for your home or business.

Got Termites? Trust Pest-Ex Philippines for the safest control guaranteed!

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