Pest control Philippines

Pest control services in the Philippines are top priority for homeowners and commercial property’s across the country as the demand for professional pest control is increasing. Why? Due to climate and rainfall, all year weather in the Philippines provides the perfect conditions for pests and termites.
Not all pest control companies are the same, just like car detailing there are low cost options and higher cost options that offer a much better result. Same with pest control company’s in the Philippines,

Low cost pest control services – provide minimum results usually pests will return in 24 hours. These low-cost treatments will usually have a poor-quality pesticide used or (watered down) chemical that will not last, treatments usually applied using budget application tools that don’t provide the correct application.
Premium pest control services – provide long term solution up to 3 months, as the products are genuine high-quality pesticides developed in US or Australia providing the best in safety for your family and very effective on pests.
Application tools-play a vital part in a successful treatment, correct application equipment will apply the specialist pesticides at a much finer spray patters generally higher in pressure but smaller in micron droplets allowing millions of microns of active ingredient per spray. These micron droplets are long lasting allowing long term treated areas for pests to contact and be eliminated quickly.

Pest-Ex Pest Control Philippines Service Areas

We offer professional pest control services to the areas listed below:

  • Metro Manila
  • Quezon City
  • Pampanga
  • Clark
  • Angeles  

7 Reasons on why you should try Pest-Ex for your next pest control service

1. Pest-Ex have been recognized as one of Australia’s premium pest control company’s and has earned a reputation as service leaders after 15 years of pest control & termite control services throughout Australia. Husband and wife team Mr and Mrs Kelly Expanded Pest-Ex to the Philippines in 2017 not as a franchise but a family business venture offering world class training to our local technicians and management team providing the Philippines with an international experience in pest control.

2. We offer professional pest control services in Philippines and our technicians are respectful, experienced, and trained our unique way that may seem different than other pest control company’s.

3. Our team is equipped with leading application tools developed by B&G, Airfog and customized misting applicators from gasoline powered commercial tools and electric. Our termite detection tools and wall scanning devices are designed to detect termites inside the wall when termites are not visible to homeowners.

4. Fast response, our team is equipped with motorcycles and company vehicles allowing us to commute quickly to resolve your pest control requirements. Local knowledge, our experts are local professional technicians with extensive knowledge on termite and pest control. Philippines provides the perfect climate for pests and pests are no match for our dedicated Team.

5. Long lasting results or its free! We guarantee results 100%. Why? Its because we are so confident in our trained team, our application/detection tools. And the high-quality products we use will eliminate even the worst of pest infestations. If pest come back so will we for free

6. Up to 2 Month Guarantee! Our unique pest control treatment in the Philippines has given clients up to 2 months effective results on pest control infestations, Philippines is the perfect climate for pests, but pests are no match for Pest-Ex.

7. Pest-Ex provide pest control services in Philippines for residential homes, condominiums, hotels, and commercial properties in the Philippines, big or small we have you covered!

Pest Control Services by Pest-Ex

We offer professional pest control service for all pest control services including-
-Cockroach control and prevention
-Rodent control, trapping, removal
-Termite control services
Termite baiting systems
-Liquid treatments
-Termite inspections
-Free pest assessment

Pest control in the Philippines is changing, a fast-low cost service will not provide clients with satisfactory results. Philippine homeowners want professional service with effective results that provide homeowners or businesses a clean safe place to live or do business.

Let our family protect yours from pests, we guarantee you results!

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