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Termite control in Manila is in high demand as the Philippines has one of the worlds most ideal conditions for termites due to yearly rainfall and climatic conditions. Rainfall and humidity all year round makes termite control a number 1 priority for any homeowner in Manila.
Termite Control in the Philippines has also evolved over the years as more effective control products become available to professionals
Over the years termite control has changed from spray treatments using toxic chemicals and dusts in your home to the much safer termite baiting systems. Termite bait systems are the leading way of successful anay termite control across the Philippines and the world.
The best termite control in Philippines is termite baiting.

Best termite control treatment in Philippines

Termite baiting is the best termite control treatment in Philippines as baiting eliminates the termite nest colony and queen!

Termites consume the termite bait usually over 2-3 months and feed the bait back to the queen and thousands or millions of termites in the colony.
The termite bait is also non-toxic to your family and pets unlike termite chemical liquids or dusts.
Chemical termite treatments in Philippines
Chemical termite treatments are common in Australia and the US however as homes construction and slabs in the Philippines are different usually chemical treatments in the Philippines are ineffective.

Why is termite baiting better than chemical of dust termite treatments?

  • For termite dusting to be affective dust must contact 1000 or more termites, so the dust is able to be passed onto other termites through grooming. This will affect other termites but may still not reach the nest or queen.
  • For termite chemical perimeter treatment to be effective hundreds of liters of chemical must be injected around the base perimeter of your home at 10 liters per meter. This is difficult to create an unbroken treated zone around the perimeter as piping, plumbing pipes and drains. These all create gaps in the treated soil zones and termites will simply pass through the gaps.
  • Termite dust of liquids rarely affect the termite queen and will allow the termite queen to still lay up to 3,000 eggs per day. So, most times termite dusting or chemical treatment is a waste of money as termites will soon return.

How does a termite control baiting system work?

On a house that has termites in the house the following procedures will be followed and recommended.
Termite treatment in your home

  • If you have termites in your home our technicians complete a termite inspection to the internal and external areas of your home. Our termite technicians locate the active areas where termites are in your house.
  • Above ground termite baits are installed on the areas of termite activity in your home
  • Termites instantly begin feeding on the bait and feed it back to the colony and queen even if the queen is 50 meters away from your property the bait will reach the nest as the bait is a food source and termites do not know it will kill them.
  • On a standard home termite infestation, we usually install 3 above ground termite stations internally.
  • Termite above ground stations are then serviced by our technicians each month and baited until the colony is eliminated.

Live termite control will eliminate the colony attacking your home but will not protect your home from future termite attack from a new termite colony.
Termite control treatment for external perimeter using in ground termite baits.
The best termite treatment option for home and businesses in the Philippines is the Exterra termite baiting system. This in ground system is designed to eliminate termites in the ground around your property before they attack the home.

Australia and the US also use this in ground termite perimeter baiting system as it is guaranteed to protect your investment from termite attack.
Termite in ground baits are installed by Pest-Ex Technicians every 4 meters around the property building.
• Soil areas are dug, and deep termite bait stations are installed in the soil.
• Concrete areas externally are core drilled neatly and under concrete slab termite baits are installed creating a full protection zone around the property.
Termite baits are serviced each month for 12 months by Pest-Ex termite technicians, If termites are found in ground stations the termites are baited during the site visit and we also provide a report each month based on our findings.
Termite control that works 24/7! Termite baiting systems work 24/7 and so do termite baits. They provide the ultimate in termite protection for your home.

What to avoid when hiring termite control professionals.

Avoid termite dusting treatments if you are wanting long term termite control. Termite dusting treatments are usually a cheap option of treating localized termite activity. Termites will usually return to a different area of your home after dusting as they stay away from the area dusted. Termite dusting usually only kills a few hundred termites and not the colony.
Avoid termite barrier treatments using chemicals in the ground as the possibility is high of the barrier not being a complete liquid zone around your home due to underground piping. Termites can also detect chemicals in the ground and will usually go underneath the treated zone and into your home.

Termite treatment control price in Manila Philippines

The cost of price for termite control in Manila will vary depending if you want short term colony control of the termites in your home or long term in ground protection of your property or building.
Termite treatment cost of live termites only in homes or buildings in Manila will usually depend on the amount of areas active termites in your home. Contact us for a free site visit and quotation!
Full protection in ground termite treatment price will also depend on the size of your home, The larger your home the more baits required. Contact us for a free site visit and quotation!

We Guarantee Affordable Professional Termite Control!

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