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Termite Control & Treatment in Metro Manila

Got Termites? At Pest Ex we will help you defend your home or business from the threat of Termites

Termites are capable of doing major damage to your home in a short amount of time. Termites attack thousands of homes across the Philippines and Manila each year and if not managed or treated by a professional termites will cause widespread damage to your property.

Termites eat wood 24/7 they will consume the timber in your home without showing any signs of damage until it’s too late, So naturally you want the best protection against these destructive pests.

Trust Pest-Ex for your termite inspection and termite control services across Manila.

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Termite Control Services Manila


Termite Inspection

We offer professional termite inspection services at a affordable price. Our termite inspections include written reports. We inspect all areas of internal, external and roof cavitys and around your home for any signs of termites or damage.

Termite Barriers

Our experts are experienced at eliminating and protecting your home from termites using termite barriers that offer long term termite control. All homes are constructed differently so we will always recommend the treatment system suited best.

Termite Bait Systems

Termite baiting systems are the #1 choice in the Philippines for successful termite elimination. Termite bait systems are a preferred choice as they eliminate the termite nest guaranteed. Termite baits are safe and can be used inside and outdoors.
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Pest Control

  • Complete Pest Control Service
  • Includes internal – external – wall cavity – roof voids and subfloors
  • Safest Products Used
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  • Book a technician onsite to discuss your termite or pest control quote needs.
  • We give the best advice and provide a free written quotation

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections by Pest-Ex usually take 1-2 hours to complete. We inspect the external areas of your home and building for evidence of termites or areas that will attract termites. We inspect the internal areas of your home also and use detection tools to detect termites accurately. The last part of our termite inspection includes inspection of the roof cavity as it is common for termites to access the roof area through the brick walls of your home.

Termites love moisture so we inspect for areas of moisture in or around your home also. Moisture scan tools can detect the early signs of moisture or even commonly detect termites through your walls. As termites emit a wet mud when eating timber this is the first sign  we look for in the walls of your home. Plumbing or water leaks around your home will also attract termite attack.

We also have access to termite motion and camera tools that detect termites behind a wall or an inaccessible area. Some common tools used for termite inspections include Termatrac (Motion sensor device) and Thermal imaging infrared cameras.

If we find termites rest assured! We have the treatment experience tools and products to eliminate them from your home correctly. We will issue a written quotation for any treatment recommendation for your consideration.

We Guarantee Our Termite Treatments

Pest Ex are experts in termite treatment detection and elimination. We guarantee our termite treatments and only use the best termite treatment tools and products.


Termite Control Services Manila

Pest-Ex Are Leaders In Termite Bait Systems & Liquid Barriers

Stage 1 Termite Barriers vs Termite Bait Systems

Termite Bait Systems are becoming the #1 choice in the Philippines for successful termite control and protection. Termite bait systems protect the home for termites by eliminating the nest before termites enter the home.

  • Termite baits are installed around your home with an attractant for termites to enter the stations. Pest-Ex service your termite bait system regularly and apply a bait to active stations found around your home each month. Termites will feed and spread the bait back to the colony and eliminate the nest before termites access your home.
  • If your home has termites internally we install termite feeding boxes to the live areas also and this speeds up the feeding process and will eliminate the termites from your home or building quickly.
  • Termite baits will also eliminate future termite colonies from around your home. Termite baits are always working against the threat of termite attack and so are Pest-Ex.


Stage 2 External Termite Barrier

Termite barriers are a liquid treated zone around your home or building using a termiticide that binds to soil. This treatment provides a long term liquid barrier zone around your home. For termites to enter your home they must first travel through this treated soil barrier and then they will be eliminated before accessing your home.

  • Depending on the construction methods used to construct your home will depend if it is suited to a chemical termite barrier.
  • We use a slow acting chemical in the ground so termites are able to spread the product back to the nest. High quality termite chemicals offer this type of protection. Cheap termite chemicals are detectable to termites and termites will go under or around the cheap products used in the soil.
  • We trust and recommend only leading termite chemical companies like Bayer and BASF the world leaders in termite control products. If you are concerned of the threat of termites and your home please contact us for a site assessment.


The Philippines is home to some of the worst termite species in the world, These termites may look the same to an untrained eye but in fact termite types are actually quite different in shape and size and most can consume the timbers in your home quickly.

Termites eat wood and then digest the timber providing a food source for others and their young.They also use this mud to construct shelter tubes and mud nests under or above ground. It is common to see small mud tunnels on a wall that allow termites to feed on wall frame timbers and roofing timbers of your home. It is important if you do see a mud tunnel not to disturb it and call a professional.

Signs of termites in Manila homes are:

Eating out the inner layer of timber leaving a structural problem for your home

  • Bubbled or buckled timber side boards or window frames around your home
  • Mud nests from termites can also create a moldy smell and mold
  • The wet mud from a termite nest in a wall cavity can also cause electrical problems and even fire

One nest of termites can contain hundreds of thousands of termites. If a termite colony has access you your home they can do destructive damage very quickly.

DIY Termite treatment 

It is important not to attempt DIY termite control or treatments for these reasons

  • Some homeowners will spray the termites killing 20-30 termites. A termite colony queen will lay over 2,000 eggs per day and more termites will return to the sprayed area or even worse they will retreat the area and attach another area of the home.
  • Using a professional will give peace of mind knowing the colony nest is eliminated.
  • All termite types are different and some are best treated by liquid non repellent chemicals and some termite types are best treated using termite bait.

Trust Pest-Ex for professional termite control services in Manila.




  1. Pest-Ex is a division of Pest-Ex Australia and has protected over 10,000 homes and businesses in Australia
  2. We are quickly becoming a market leader in the Philippines due to our professional approach to termite and pest control
  3. We use the latest in detection and application tools from Australia and the US
  4. We have a dedicated team of professionals in Manila, Makati,Quezon City and Paranaque so immediate response is our specialty
  5. Experienced technicians all have over 7 years experience in termite control services

For all your termite inspection or termite control needs please contact the team at Pest-Ex. We offer rapid response on termite and pest control needs from customers across Manila.



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